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Articulaction Art Review

may 2016


study for intermission

international streaming festival (10th edition)

december 2015


intermission prologue I

From the Intangible to the Tangible (Volumes 2015)

Zurich, Switzerland

november 2015


intermission prologue I, XV

Altered States (Coastal Currents Arts Festival)

hastings & st. leonards, uk

august - september 2015


intermission prologue I (still #5), dark water d#5

Fragmentación de la Memoria at Loma - Casa de Arte

panama city, panama

september - october 2014



Videofocus Biennial Edition 2014, Stigmart10

october 2014



Szczecin International Film Festival

szczecin, poland

september 2014



El Festivalico (4th edition)

murcia, spain

may 2014



International Streaming Festival (8th edition)

december 2013


the watcher

Zealous X at Bargehouse

london, uk

november 2013



International Fer Film Festival (1st edition)

ferizaj, republic of kosovo

september 2013


the watcher, XV

Chaos Control showcase by LoVArts

london, uk

june 2013


decidu (deciduous)

Negotiated Project exhibition at LCDS The Place

london, uk

may, 2013



photo book

december 2012


el jardinet

barcelona televisió (btv)

november 2012


une femme

Muestra de Cortometrajes de Velilla de Valderaduey

valderaduey, spain

august 2011


el jardinet

El documental

Canal 33 (tv premiere)

march 2011