Short film, 2 versions (mixed channel vertical), 12.33 min., 2021
“Currently in its Beta phase, the Acta Nocturna program is a 2 week immersive experience for those having trouble with their sleep. By creating nightly rituals, maximum efficiency of sleep will be achieved.” 
Serving as a parodic promotional video, the project brings attention to the overwhelming nature of today’s targeted marketing practices. Combining choreographed movement and a surreal tone, it ultimately highlights the demand placed on customers and the often ill-defined line separating them from becoming the product.

Written, produced and directed by Pako Quijada
Anna Dushime as Selene Hypnosson
Paula Henningsen and Hana Sakamoto as The Sleepers
Pako Quijada as The Sleepless
Co-produced by Kristian Askelund
Choreography and movement direction by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn
Costume supervision and styling by Andrea Servert
Motion graphics by Forat Sami

Acta Nocturna (teaser)

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