Short film, 10.00 min., 2020
Where does one find solace in the presence of an imminent event that will change their life forever? The wanderer in this film walks through natural passages in what seems an aimless and fruitless search. This eventually leads to a reunion with his 3 sisters, with whom the destiny of facing family trauma presents itself too overwhelming. The film references the director’s own experience of growing up in a matriarchy and acts as an allegorical retelling of the traumatic experience of losing a mother.

"It took me two years to complete this film. I started working on it a year after my mother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 51. I wanted to portray this life-changing experience through an allegoric filter, borrowing symbology from the Apocalypse but also from the artists and filmmakers that have influenced me. I decided to invite my three sisters to be with me in the film. None of us have acting experience but it felt right to do this together by traveling and filming in the area where my mother lived during her last few years. Through this shared experience, I hoped that our grief would start subsiding. The film’s story has resulted in a pilgrimage-like story that ultimately reflects the reality of being raised in a matriarchy, the “transfer of power” to the big sister and how losing the main figure affected me individually but also us as a family."

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