Pako Quijada is a multidisciplinary artist whose work oscillates between photography, executed either in series of coherent subject or as solitary statements, as well as narrative and experimental video pieces. They studied Photography and Filmmaking in San Sebastián, Spain.
In 2014, they co-founded FUSSOFF, a collective working with music and visuals for other recording artists. 
In 2018, they also co-founded an artist-curator run collective named Othergrounds. 
Their photographs and video installations have been presented in various exhibitions and festivals across Europe and Central America. Pako Quijada is currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

2019 Ina (short film) / Curate's Egg (found footage video), Due North group show, HB55 Kunstfabrik, Berlin
2018 Study for Intermission (video), Bideodromo, International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Bilbao 

2018 Santuario n.1 / Dark Water n.5 (mixed media / photo), Transience And Transformation group show, Mein Blau Projektraum, Berlin
2018 Photography, Therapy and 'The Self', itchysilk, Interview
2016 Intermission Prologue I, ArticulAction Art Review, Interview
2015 Study for Intermission (video), International Streaming Festival
2015 Intermission Prologue I (video), From The Intangible to the Tangible (Volumes 2015) group show, Zurich
2015 Intermission Prologue I/XV (video), Altered States, Coastal Currents Festival, Hastings & St. Leonards
2014 Intermission Prologue I (still)/Dark Water n.5 (photo), Fragmentación de la Memoria group show, Loma Casa de Arte, Panamá City
2014 XV, Videofocus Biennial Edition, Stigmart10, Interview
2014 XV (video), Szczecin International Film Festival, Szczecin
2014 XV (video), El Festivalico, Murcia
2014 XV (video), International Streaming Festival
2013 The Watcher (photo), Zealous X group show, Bargehouse, London
2013 XV (video), International Fer Film Festival, Ferizaj, Republic of Kosovo
2013 The Watcher/XV (photo / video), Chaos Control group show, LoVArts, London
2013 Decidu (Deciduous) (video), Negotiated Project, London Contemporary Dance School (The Place), London
2012 El Jardinet, Barcelona Televisió, TV broadcast
2011 Une Femme (video), Muestra de Cortometrajes de Velilla de Valderaduey, Valderaduey
2011 El Jardinet (documentary), El documental, Canal 33 (TV premiere)
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