Pako Quijada is a multidisciplinary artist whose work oscillates between photography, executed either in series of coherent subject or as solitary statements, as well as narrative and experimental video pieces. He studied Photography and Filmmaking in San Sebastián, Spain.
In 2014, he co-founded FUSSOFF, a collective working with music and visuals for other recording artists. In January 2018, they started self-releasing their own audiovisual pieces with the track and video 'Toxic Masculinity'.
In 2018, he also co-founded an artist-curator run collective named Othergrounds. They had their inaugural exhibition, Transience And Transformation, at the Meinblau Project Space in Berlin running for two weeks and with emerging artists from 6 different countries.
His photographs and video installations have been presented in various exhibitions and festivals across Europe and Central America. Pako Quijada is currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

The main topic of my work is memory linked to personal notions of nature and intimacy. As opposed to bringing an universal meaning to my work, I am interested in emotions on an individual level. My videos and photographs are created with ideas that evolve throughout the process and leave the door open to regain new meanings, depending on who and under which context they are experienced.
My work is continuously questioning the existence of rigid structures and reflects on the lines that separate opposite concepts. Most present in my practice are the differences between cinema and video art or the mental spaces dividing the private and the public.
My visual aesthetic always takes a poetic approach, bringing a sense of embellishment and beauty to every video piece and photograph.

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