A small selection of my commercial audiovisual projects within an array of genres including documentary, music video, social video and cooking videos, among others.
LAND Research & Development (a project by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn)
Role: Cinematography & Post-production
Why the Environment Needs Rural Women (Documentary)
Role: Editing & Post-Production (Ecosia)
Improvisation Class by Anna-Lise Marie Dance (Reel)
Role: Cinematography
Beyond Trees: The Importance of the Amazon Rainforest (Documentary)
Role: Editing & Post-Production (Ecosia)
Due North (Exhibition Video)
Role: Director, Cinematography & Post-production (Othergrounds)
Deforestation in Peru: a slippery slope (Documentary)
Role: Editing & Post-Production (Ecosia)
Universitätsklinikum Essen: Das erste Smart Hospital Deutschlands (Documentary)
Role: Directing, Cinematography & Post-production (Funke Digital)
Tomate-Feta-Pfanne (ASMR Cooking Video)
Role: Directing, Cinematography & Post-production (Funke Digital)
Sächsische Quarkkeulchen (Cooking Video)
Role: Directing, Cinematography & Post-production (Funke Digital)
Transience And Transformation (Exhibition Video)
Role: Directing, Cinematography & Post-production (Othergrounds)
Fifi Rong - The One (Music Video)
Role: Editing & Post-Production
Erling Kagge: An Adventurer Explores the Art World
Role: Cinematography (gestalten)
Pippa Lynn SS14 Debut Collection 'Step Forward'
Role: Production, Cinematography & Post-production

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