Short film, 11.25 min., 2019
Ina von Grumbkow (also known as Ina Reck) was a German adventurer and author at the start of the 20th Century. In 1907, her fiancé, explorer by the name of Walther von Knebel, disappeared while doing a geological study of Öskjuvatn, the crater lake of Askja (Iceland). On July 10, 1907, he and his companion for the expedition Max Rudloff, disappeared leaving no trace. Dissatisfied by this situation, the following year, Ina, together with vulcanologist Hans Reck, led an expedition to the same place in search for answers.
This short film traces parts of her journey through the use of poetic and subtle aesthetics, blurring the lines between documentary and experimental art film, and including selected quotes from her book Ísafold, in which she narrated the entire exploration.
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